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Please do not submit more than one application unless expressly instructed by MFF Human/Critter Relations. If you have experienced difficulties or have questions, please email hr <at>

A bug in some recent versions of Safari for iOS may result in erroneous warnings on submission. Users may wish to consider an alternate browser or platform (Safari for OS/X/MacOS, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc)

Confluence is quite fond of pestering people to log in if it thinks it has seen you before. Log-in is not required to complete the app, though you may need to close the login prompt several times.

Hello, and thank you for being a part of MFF staff for 2019! Because peoples lives are constantly changing, we will be doing staff onboarding every year going forward. MFF cannot function without the hard work of our staff - thanks for contributing to making our convention great. Any personal information will be kept confidential and only used per the privacy policy (shown below).

If you have any questions about these policies, or anything else involved, please feel free to reach out

A quick note before you get started: There is a bit of ground to cover, though it will pay off. Staff will no longer need to complete paperwork at the convention in order to pick up their badge, which makes the process all that much faster for everyone. With that in mind...

Personal Information
Legal First Name:
Legal Last Name:
Legal Gender:

Why do we ask?

Midwest FurFest must report legal name and gender to insurance underwriters as part of our insurance policies, and in case of injury while working for the convention. The choices displayed are those recognized by Illinois at this time. 

Date of Birth:
WARNING: While MFF appreciates everyone willing to help, all staff must be at least 18 years of age; application submission will be rejected. Please contact for additional information.
Preferred Name
Fandom Name:
Preferred First Name:
Personal Pronouns:
she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs, etc (optional)
Contact Information
Street Address:
Apartment, Unit, Suite
Two letter abbreviation, if applicable
Zip/Postal Code:
Telegram Username:
Phone Number:
Cell Preferred. Most communication is via email. Phone contact is kept to urgent or time sensitive needs.
Personal Email:
FurFest Username:
All staffers receive a email address and system login. If you presently have a username, enter it here, otherwise please indicate your preference.
Emergency Contact Information

In case of an emergency, who should we contact?

Full Name
Spouse, Partner, Parent, Sibling
Cell Preferred
Staffing History
New to Midwest FurFest as Staff?
This would be my first year on staff (hard badged)
Staffed other Conventions?
I have staffed other similar conventions
Years on Staff:
Number of prior year worked at MFF?
Thank you for all your hard work!
Currently on Staff?
Primary Department:
Secondary Department:
Department Interests:
What departments might you be interested in? Multiple selections are permitted.
Shirt Size:
Share a Little About Yourself:
If you wish, tell us a bit about yourself. Feel free to include any skills, interest, or professional experience which may be of interest to Midwest FurFest.

You're half way there!

Now that you've taken care of the basics, there are a few things we need you to read though before your application is complete. Hang in there...

When you click "Submit," a DocuSign request to sign the core staff policies will be emailed to you. Please watch for that request and follow the instructions. Your staff application is not complete until the staff policies are signed and submitted.

Please Note: DocuSign will populate your email address as your name. When DocuSign asks to verify your name and signature, please be certain to enter your legal name.


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